What We Do


Altre Partners invests in a range of alternative real estate asset classes. We see the demands that these property types bring as an opportunity to create meaningful value.


We co-invest with both property owners and partner investors to create genuine alignment on outcomes, and source opportunities through our proprietary research techniques and willingness to problem solve with patience.

Where the key to creating value is in planning approvals or development, our team has extensive experience in the execution of projects with complex stakeholder environments, technical demands or capital requirements.


We see a real estate environment that is increasingly challenging to navigate outcomes, and chose to adopt a modern, community-focused approach to maximising development potential on our investments.



Alternative real estate, by its non-core nature, requires skilled management to maximise operational returns and long-term value. We bring an owner’s mindset to this task, co-investing with our capital partners and diligently managing properties like they are our own.


In order to exhibit true alignment with our investment partners, we are always the first to incur loss in the event of any underperformance, and the last to receive the benefits from our outperformance.