About Us

Altre Partners is an owner, developer and manager of alternative real estate assets.

We focus on creating long-term value by tackling challenging situations with property and investment partners that are seeking true alignment.

Alternative real estate operates outside of the core office, industrial, retail and residential sectors. It is often aligned with specific community, technical or economic needs and requires longer-term thinking, investment and operational management. This includes social infrastructure like affordable housing, seniors living and education, and value enhancement opportunities across planning, land development and asset re-purposing.


relating to activities that depart from or challenge traditional norms

What We Believe

Aligned interests,


Genuine alignment of values, objectives and outcomes between partners is directly related to their combined success.




for our actions.

When working with our partners we always make ourselves accountable for our performance.​

Focus on the


over the predictable.

We see a greater potential to create meaningful value in difficult situations and non-core asset classes.​